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Marimba Club at opening ceremony
Joyful Learning!

Puesta del Sol is a joyful and caring learning community! Students have many opportunities to participate in clubs and activities to explore their interests, such as our Marimba Club!

Building leaders stand in front of Puesta del Sol
Welcome to Puesta del Sol!

Proud home of the Phoenixes! We foster critical thinking, curiosity, and resiliency in each student.

Ofrenda designed by students at Puesta del Sol Elementary
Celebrating Arts and Culture!

Our elementary Spanish Immersion program focuses on social-emotional growth, academic success, Spanish language proficiency, celebrating our diversity, and building a community of lifelong learners.

Leading the Way

At Puesta del Sol, we affirm and inspire each and every student to learn and thrive as creators of their future world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve each and every student academically, socially, and emotionally, through a rigorous and relevant education that is innovative and individualized. As a learning community that values one another’s humanity, we provide courageous support for an equitable and exceptional education for all students.

Uniquely Puesta del Sol

Puesta del Sol is one of sixteen elementary schools in the Bellevue School District. Here are five things that are uniquely Puesta del Sol...

Learn More About Puesta del Sol Elementary

Puesta del Sol music students
A student at Puesta del Sol meets with Dr. Kelly Aramaki to talk about sustainability
preschool class
Puesta del Sol students with a Mariachi Band

Uniquely Puesta del Sol

Puesta del Sol is one of sixteen elementary schools in the Bellevue School District. We are one of two choice elementary schools in the district. Here are four things that are uniquely Puesta del Sol...

Sharing Our Stories

Hear from our learning community who share their thoughts on leading, learning and playing at Puesta del Sol Elementary School.

Photo of Deepa Patten

Me encanta Puesta porque aprendemos mucho Español, y eso me gusta porque ahora puedo hablar mucho más con mis abuelos en Perú. 

My favorite thing about Puesta is that we learn a lot of Spanish, and I like that because now I can talk more with my grandparents from Peru. 

Photo of Deepa Patten

Watching kindergarteners use basic programming skills to move robots is an experience that you can only get in the Bellevue School District. The high-quality educational opportunities that our students have access to is only possible through the support of the community. The Bellevue Schools Foundation has been the key community partner to fund educational innovation in a way you can't find anywhere else in the state, so our students learn the skills to be 21st century thinkers starting in preschool. 

See 2023-2024 BSF investments at Puesta del Sol Elementary School and districtwide.